Being Overwhelmed

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …. and BREATHE ….

Do not go into meltdown, do not throw a hissyfit and do not allow yourself to feel that you’re out of your depth. Just BREATHE …. Yes, it’s OK to continue staring at the wall in a paralytic state of non-action. In fact, it’s very much advisable considering the alternative is likely to be throwing yourself out of the closest window or hibernating under the kitchen sink.

I’m talking about one of those moments when suddenly everything is all systems GO and you haven’t got the faintest idea where to start. It’s a bit of a sink or swim moment (and I’ve had enough of those in my lifetime to know the feeling well!)

Yet what do you do when you find yourself in a time when everything happens at once? You’ve suddenly been placed with the world of pressure upon your shoulders, or perhaps even a fantastic opportunity that requires a lot of hard work, or maybe it’s a life changing decision whilst a ticking clock looms in the background…

What do you do when all you can think of is the many possible complications that lie ahead .. The never ending thoughts of fear and failure; of succumbing  to the overwhelming pressure and deciding that it’s better to bury your head in the sand than to tackle the tasks that hang ominously over you.

STOP right there. Just stop. Break it down. Break down the drama and the complexity. Push away the fear based ego and it’s constant prattling of doom.  TAKE STOCK.

Repeat after me:

I am an amazing person with limitless ability and wisdom

I am accomplishing my every dream and desire

Every action I take comes from a place of centered and balanced emotion

I am achieving that which makes my spirit soar and allows me to follow my true path

I am making the decisions that honor my inner self and are in line with love and pure intention

I am exactly where I am supposed to be; open to the options that are most beneficial to me

And that’s the key to remember:  You’re at this place in life because you’re supposed to be there. There is no right or wrong action. There isn’t anything to be feared. There’s no basis for being overwhelmed. Everything is happening/changing for a reason. Do not look at the bigger picture – break it down into parts. Start small. One part at a time.

One small step forward, one small decision taken, one small action made… Repeat the process…

Little by little you’ll find yourself working through the overwhelming tasks or decisions; you’ll find your confidence growing and your self-assurance returning.  Before you know it, you’ll be back to a place of feeling less pressured and more assertive. The issue that prompted the initial feelings will have been dealt with and moved on from.

Life isn’t for hiding – It’s for facing up to and looking directly in the eye – even when it feels like it’s a mammoth task with overwhelming consequences.

Remember, you can face anything if you’re brave enough – and everything will always turn out OK … Maybe not immediately – but always eventually.

The best motto?  One step at a time




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