Are you a beginner with an interest in establishing a connection to the Spirit World?

Do you want to learn how to develop your Psychic ability or take your awareness to the next level?

Have you already established your connection to Spirit and are unsure on how to control, strengthen and proceed with your development?

 My teaching sessions are for those of you wanting to work with your own spiritual gifts. My aim is to help you to gain understanding of your abilities and to become the best Psychic and Medium that you can be.


For those interested in Developing Mediumship:

The focus will be on establishing ways of connecting to those in Spirit and understanding your own unique way of working to bring forward evidential and accurate Spirit messages.

We often need to be coaxed from our comfort zone to go to the next stage of our spiritual development. These sessions will be informative and fun, taking you forwards with your ability. You will need to be prepared and open to new ways of working but together with myself and your Spirit Guides, we will help you to gain confidence and make progress in your development.

For those interested in increasing Psychic Awareness:

Sessions will include various exercises and techniques to increase your Psychic ability. We will be working with tools, symbolism and colour to allow your natural self to unfold in a spiritual and progressive way.

As well as focusing on your Psychic ability we will be connecting with spiritual guides to form a relationship with your helpers.

One Hour Single Sessions are available or block sessions can be purchased at a discounted price.