Who I am now

Who I am now

I’ve spent over a decade living and working internationally as an ‘Ambassador for Spirit’. On a professional level I have undertaken thousands of readings and worked closely with clients to help innovate, empower and guide them.  And although each client may be from a different walk of life and have faced different life challenges, I quickly discovered that we all have a common denominator – we are all seeking to be the best possible version of ourselves and live the happiest life available to us.

Out with the old – in with the new…

It has taken personal challenge, constant transformation and emergence to arrive at the point I’m at today. There were lessons of great risk, pain, love, letting go, breaking down ingrained ways and building new foundations, losing expectations and most importantly –  having absolute trust in myself and Spirit. Yet I wouldn’t change those experiences for anything.

I have learned that aside from intuition and the spiritual guidance we recieve, the mind is one of the most powerful tools we are in possession of. With the right direction and technique, we can change our perspective on the way we approach everything and in doing so, can begin to honour our true selves and find lasting happiness.

Re-connecting with my inner self and the Spirit world led me on the most fulfilling journey I could have asked for. I discovered how to stand within my power, to find love within myself and everything around me and that there are no limits on the amount of happiness we can draw into our lives. It is simply by changing perspective and finding balance, peace and compassion that we start to realign with our true divine nature.

Lighting the way

The Carrie I am now is a very different one to the woman that first stepped off that flight in Sydney, sixteen years ago. I am blessed to be guided by Spirit every step of the way and although my emergence was against the grain of ‘normality’ and considered ‘crazy’ by many, I followed the messages that they whispered to me – despite the huge risks that I would have to take in doing so. Yet here I am now, at a place where I work as the voice and tool of Spirit; a result of the many experiences that I had to go through in order to be their facilitator to help and empathise with others.

I have long shed the patterns and ways of old that had held me back from achieving my innermost dreams. I gradually learned how to love and value myself and my body, surround myself with the correct people and reach for the stars. And at every step of the way I continue to be thankful for my blessings and mindful that my every word, action and intent comes from the heart.

Shine bright like a diamond

My path here is to shine the light of the Spirit world and show that with the correct perspective and understanding of our inner divine, we can all lead awesome, succesful, happy and fulfilled lives.  I’m the living, breathing proof of that.


I am also a published author of Romantic Fiction with Harper Collins. Find out more on my ‘Books’ page.

Who I was before

The Spiritual Child

Growing up on the outskirts of London I had an idyllic childhood and – for as long as I can remember – an overly familiar awareness of energy and the Spirit world. It never occurred to me that it was strange to be able to see, hear and communicate with Spirit. Neither was it strange to know things about people’s lives or situations before I’d been told. I assumed this was normal and didn’t pay it any further thought until much later in life – when I would be forced to.

The Girl About Town

After leaving school I settled into an array of well-paid jobs in the city of London. I was a girl-about-town in every sense.  Meeting my first love and buying a house together seemed a natural progression. With a combined, healthy income life was a fun rollercoaster ride of designer handbags, drinking, partying and no thought for my inner self or body. There was especially no attention paid to my energy awareness – it was firmly pushed away as I realised that it was no longer ‘normal’ but viewed as rather odd and unnatural.

From the outside I was living a wonderful lifestyle but inside I was deeply unhappy. I was trapped in a vicious material cycle and in a job that despite being well-paid didn’t offer any career progression or fulfilment. My so –called friendships were highly questionable and my relationship an unhealthy disaster. My food habits were dreadful and my thoughts were negative. However, I refused to acknowledge any of this and struggled alone to deal with the many personal challenges and hardships that had been slowly mounting around me.  I was totally lost and disconnected from who I was and what I wanted from life.

Life-  Take Two! Viva España

After a traumatic life episode, I took a short vacation to Spain and subsequently decided to stay there. I literally walked away from my life in the UK and everything in it – including my partner, house, job and friendships. Swapping one life for another, I slowly began to rebuild myself – make new friends, start a new job, find a new home. Yet failing to address the fundamental issues I had ran away from – I soon found myself back in the same material, negative and undirected cycle I had grown used to.

It was during this craziness that my spiritual side kicked in with a force like never before.  I could no longer control it or push it aside and lock it away. The Spirit world had other ideas for me…

One lunchtime – two years after settling in Spain, I had an overwhelming urge to quit everything and go ‘find myself’ in Australia. Within an hour, I had booked a flight and typed my resignation letter. A month later at the age of twenty four, I left Spain – much to the surprise of everyone that knew me – for a new life in Australia.

Following The Yellow Brick Road And Finding The Balance

It proved to be the start of a new cycle which would, over the next sixteen years, lead me to many new countries and continents I’d call home and have countless adventures along the way.  Australia would be the place where I would slowly discover the other ‘side’ of myself and find my inner positivity and happiness again. I would once again embrace my energy awareness and the Spirit world.  I would find the woman that didn’t care so strongly about material things and had a profound appreciation for all the ‘real’ luxuries of life. I would learn to appreciate my wellbeing, my body, food and thoughts.

But most importantly I would come to understand my place within life, my purpose and what I truly wanted to do going forward. I guess you could say that it was the start of me finding my balance and soul path.

And that is where the story really begins…