How does a girl prioritise holidays and handbags?

So I’m sitting here on a sunny tuesday morning, waiting for my lovely friend in Bermuda to confirm my trip to visit her next month.

One might argue that I not long ago returned from a long haul holiday …  One might also argue that I’m at a very delicate career point and should be putting entire focus into the wonderful opportunities at hand. Or one could possibly point out that I already splurged on a watch not two weeks ago and therefore should be less frivolous…

But let’s face it, what’s life if it’s not lived to its fullest when we have the means?!

How do we prioritise what’s necessary over what’s indulgent? Who is to say that a new buttercream leather handbag or two week trip to the Caribbean isn’t the answer to our inspiration and wellbeing?!

The last few years on a personal level have been filled with long days of hard work and dedication to career change. During this time I found myself beginning to associate frivolous spending and material expenditure with egotistical and narcissistic behavior. My days of wasting money on unnecessary things flew out of the window as I juggled work requests left, right and center for minimum pay.  I no longer treated myself at all. Money immediately became a ‘second’ priority with my primary focus on helping people. I was constantly told by those closest to me that I couldn’t continue on with the way I was working. I was headed into burn out territory and I wasn’t treating my ‘work’ as a business. Effectively, I had turn into a 24 hour life line for nearly every client I had. For free!

It finally came to a head after ongoing general unwellness and exhaustion. I literally woke up and realised I’d totally thrown myself out of balance. I was giving, giving, giving and the incoming rewards weren’t even remotely on par with the outgoing efforts.

It’s taken the last year to redefine the boundaries and find ‘Carrie’ again. The Carrie that enjoys nice things and little splurges.   The self-sacrificing woman I had began to morph into – didn’t truly value her worth or needs. I’d began put myself to the back of queue, telling myself it wasn’t healthy to waste on material things and feeling guilty for ‘wanting more’ from life. But why take that attitude?!  Those little treats are the things that can give us temporary relief from otherwise heavy situations.  Besides, I’d worked myself hard for it, so didn’t I deserve it?!

If the last few years has taught me anything, it’s that valuing and putting your own needs first, will get you everywhere. It’s OK and perfectly acceptable to indulge in yourself on occasion – so long as you can afford to and don’t do it for the wrong reasons and not on things that you don’t really need…

But if you feel that you require a little perk or lift – then yes, sometimes that new pair of shoes or short weekend break to Paris can be thing to make it happen! You don’t have to be a martyr and you don’t have to settle for crumbs. We all deserve the very best that we can afford to give ourselves…

So, all you gorgeous, hard working women that have forgotten themselves in the process of working life or motherhood…  you have my full permission to head to the nearest shopping centre or travel agents… and splurge! Go on, you deserve it. And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for doing so, or tell you otherwise!






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