What is a reading?

Readings are done by tuning into your energy field and also by working closely with those in the spirit world that wish to come through to you.

The information that I receive during an intuitive psychic reading usually relates to past, present and future circumstances. It covers all areas of your life such as your general life situation and more specific aspects such as love and relationship, work & career, children & family, living arrangement, finances etc.

When undertaking spirit readings your loved ones may come through to provide guidance, messages and evidence that they are still with you and supporting you.

Because I work very closely with spirit and put emphasis on evidence, I will always try to provide you with names, dates, physical/personality descriptions and reason of passing.  My readings are specific and clear with emphasis on the proof of survival and that the spirit lives on.

How does a reading work?

I often get asked how a reading can be done over phone or email – please remember that energy is energy. For a psychic medium – doing a reading is a bit like tuning into a client’s personal radio station. Just as how when we listen to the radio, we tune to a particular frequency in order to hear the music, a psychic tunes into the client in order to get the information.

When we listen to music on the radio, we don’t need to be physically standing in the offices of the radio station as they transmit that music in order to hear it. Therefore a psychic medium does not need to be sitting directly in front of you to tune into your energy, they can tune in through any link they have. That link (e.g. your email request, the phone call, the Zoom etc) becomes the ‘radio’ to receive the connection…

If we turn the radio off it does not mean that the transmission stops… simply that we have ‘tuned out’.  This is the same for a psychic medium, when we are finished receiving the information, we ‘tune out’ and the reading ends but the clients energy still carries on existing!

Why should I have a reading?

Sometimes we may feel that we have lost our way on the river of life, with its many twists and turns we might find ourselves wondering which direction to take and how to move forward.

I offer my psychic and spirit readings for those that feel swept up in life’s unpredictable current. With my abilities, I can tap into your energy to pick up your current emotions, situation and general life overview and provide messages from those in spirit as well as those guiding you on your pathway.

A little clarity and positive direction goes a long way. The wise and healing words from those in the spirit world will always provide us with the renewed faith and hope that we are looking for.

What can I expect from a reading?

It is important to have no expectations on what will come from the reading. This ensures that you will not be disappointed if you do not receive the information you wish to hear. I only ask for information of the highest and purest form and therefore will usually receive the most relevant messages for you at this time, which benefit your greater self.

Remember that any reading you have with a Psychic Medium you should always come away from it feeling uplifted and clearer. If the person undertaking the reading has a genuine gift and is connected properly to spirit, there will be little to no confusion in the information delivered. There should be absolutely no negativity or upsetting predictions.  Spirit energy always comes with love. All messages, even the ones that carry caution or prompt difficult changes will be delivered in a loving, gentle and uplifting way.

Please note that although you may wish to hear from a specific loved one this cannot be guaranteed as no medium is able to invoke. We are simply the communicating tool between yourself and the spirit that chooses to come forward to speak with you.

Ways to have a reading?

Readings are done in person (for those that live nearby) or via Zoom, Phone, WhatsApp or Email. All readings last 30 minutes.



“One on One Coaching is for women who are looking to transform their lives, achieve their dreams, learn the art of self-love and find their inner groove and purpose.

It will help to put you on the path to a fulfilling, happy, empowered, abundant and positive future and to achieve the things that you currently only dream of!”

The One on One ‘Love Happy Vibes’ Coaching works:

–          To recognize and break conditioned and ingrained patterns of negative thoughts/actions and replace them with positive associations/thoughts/affirmations/actions

–          To discover and understand your soul purpose and take the steps to achieving alignment and ultimately fulfilling that purpose

–          To grow in self-awareness, self-esteem and self-love. Learning to appreciate and love all that you are and all that you have to offer

–          To attract wholesome love and happiness in all types of relationships; friendship, family or romantic connections. To learn the art of soul communication and honesty

–          To balance the material and egotistical sides of yourself and find inner contentment, peace and tranquility

–          To live a healthier lifestyle through the wellbeing of nutrition, exercise and emotional and mental nourishment

–          To release and let go of past hurts/addictions/influences and make peace with challenges and cycles that have held you back

–          To clear any energetic or mental blockages/resistance/fear/guilt/worry and guide you toward reclaiming your power and achieving authentic love and happiness

–          (Optional dependent on your requirements) To connect to those who work with you in the spiritual realms, be it your guides or helpers. To connect with the spirit world and further understand how to read energy.

Please note that all sessions are undertaken via Zoom, WhatsApp, Phone or Email


The Love Happy Vibes Programme begins with:

Introductory Session –  Identifying core desires and things you wish to achieve from the coaching. I will provide you with a personal and soul path reading plus analysis of your current situation and a breakdown of the key elements we will work upon in the next sessions. I will explain techniques and simple ways to kick start the coaching until our next session.

Sessions 2- 10 – Working together to achieve empowerment, happiness and inner love to benefit all areas of your life. These sessions will sometimes be intense and provoke reactions but ultimately will be fun and inspiring – leaving you to notice an immediate difference in your thoughts and emotions.

Single One Hour Sessions:

Single One Hour Sessions are available. A unique adapted programme can be drawn up for you upon request

If you’re interested in the full Love Happy Vibes Programme described above – the programme spans 10 x One Hour Sessions (including an Introductory Session) and is available at a unique price. Enquire for further details.