Knowing the answers by listening to our inner voice

I was chatting with a friend recently about using our intuition and she was nodding in agreement. ‘Yeah, yeah, I know we sometimes get a gut feeling on things…’ She considered this for a moment before looking at me curiously. ‘But do we always know what’s correct for ourselves?’

Good question huh?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that moment many times when something happens to throw everything off balance. A situation that seems devastating or challenging. We might cry, feel victimized, get frustrated or even confused… we can sit there wondering ‘What should I do?’

But if we really take time to think about it, we can most likely conclude that on some level – although sometimes perhaps too deep for our conscious selves to fully understand – we do know what to do. We do have the answers. Yet the hard part is acknowledging and facing them.

There was a time in my life where I had thought I had fallen in love with a particular person. Although things didn’t start that way in the relationship – he was just a friend – it seemed that after some time, I began to feel differently. Once I had made him aware of these feelings, and due to a great mix of factors, it would have made probable sense for this particular person to declare his undying love in return.  In fact, the total opposite happened.

I spent a while wondering why on earth things hadn’t gone in the way that I assumed they would. I had begun to see this man as my destiny – decided that he was the only man for me and was ‘The One’.

What’s all this got to do with listening to our inner voice you might be asking? And here’s the funny part….

All along and most especially from the very first moment I had met that person, I knew he wasn’t ‘The One’

Confused?  Let me explain.

With hindsight, I now realize it wasn’t love at all. It was falling in love with the idea of love.  Somewhere along the way, I had ignored my inner voice that told me ‘this is just friendship’ and instead allowed myself to create an illusion of love.  I had gotten swept up in the care, affection and attention he was lavishing and began to weave it into a pretty little bubble of ‘Mr Right.’  I was constantly seeking validation from friends if they thought it would work out for me and him because deep down, I knew the answer already. I always had known.

Of course it wouldn’t. We weren’t right for one another at all.

If you constantly question and seek validation, then chances are; that situation isn’t the correct situation for you. When something is correct, you will know it.

For every decision we are faced with – we know the answer right off. We always know. But sometimes, we (or perhaps more specifically our ego) choose to ignore and create an illusion instead. We fuel this illusion and deny our inner voice the chance to speak. We don’t want to hear it because it might not be the answer we like. If we listen, it might force us to make decisions or changes that we don’t want to make.

As an example, how many times have you been in a job or relationship that’s boring or unfulfilling, or simply ‘stale’…. Yet it’s familiar, safe, conditioned…. You couldn’t possibly contemplate leaving because of the (perceived) catastrophic effect on the other areas of your life such as finance, living situation, children involved etc….

Yet one day, fate steps in and makes the decision for you. You lose your job or arrive home to discover your partner has been cheating on you. You’re suddenly thrown into turmoil and the ‘Why did this happen?’  victimized approach is adopted.

However, had you listened to your inner voice and the niggling concerns that would have most definitely reared their head on many occasions throughout that situation – you perhaps wouldn’t need to ask that question. The answer was already in front of you for a long time. You just didn’t want to see it, or acknowledge it.

Sometimes a situation we want to be good for us isn’t good for us on a soul level. Therefore, that little voice will always try to dissuade us, no matter how much our ego might want to encourage us….

Always, always trust your inner voice. It may not give you the answer that you want to hear every single time… because life isn’t supposed to be perfect! But if you always try to listen and trust, you can be sure that you’ll be guided in the correct way forward. You’ll also feel a lot more peaceful in yourself. That’s how you’ll know you’re listening good and proper.



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