How does your feminine weigh up to your masculine?

If you’re a guy reading this I bet you’re already dismissing the idea of being in tune with your ‘feminine’ side, right?

And women reading this…. You’re wondering if you’re perhaps too much in your masculine energy sometimes, right? Because let’s face it, as women we are used to having to display both strength in the workplace and in the home – making us sometimes feel that we’re left with no option but to be in control…. Sound familiar?

Yet here’s the thing – In order to have happy and healthy relationships with others and ourselves, we all need to have a good balance of both feminine and masculine energy. Be that if you’re straight, gay, male or female.

I often come across very successful women that have wonderful careers, finances and strong minds but find it difficult to meet men of similar qualities and sustain any type of relationship. The key to remember here is that in order to bring the correct balance of energy to the relationship you must allow yourself to show and be in tune more with your own feminine energy.  Do not restrict its flow.

This does not mean to exude total vulnerability and become a walkover – it means to simply display the qualities that a strong/dominant male lacks within himself on a basic level (because men are naturally more in tune with their masculine side) Therefore that type of man will automatically be drawn toward the soft, sensitive, nurturing energy of a woman.

When we find often ourselves out of balance in a relationship is when the measure of feminine versus masculine shifts out of harmony.

Let’s take the example again of the woman who is driven, successful and in a lot of ways powerful (be that through beauty/intelligence or social standing etc). Although she’ll always revert to her femininity on a basic level, the masculine energy that she is exuding in constantly being dominant/controlling and ‘the hunter’ begins to overtake the level of the core feminine energy.  It is a common trait for this kind of a woman to refuse to show vulnerability and open  emotion because she is so in control in many areas of her life and views this as weakness.

Therefore when this type of woman meets her ideal man of similar power/success/strength and qualities, it is likely that he will at some point begin to question the relationship. This will be because after the initial attraction and meeting of similar personalities – his core masculine energy  will being to feel the lack of feminine energy provided to him. His core masculine self will automatically as a result, seek to attract and find the correct balance of feminine energy (its other half) to be able to get the qualities and fulfillment needed from a relationship.

If we reverse the situation and take the example of a man much more in tune with his feminine energy – a soft, sensitive, nurturing guy – with a woman of similar feminine dominant energy, we once again see the relationship falling out of balance. Problems will arise as there is a distinct lack of much needed masculine dominant energy from both sides.  There is no one partner displaying the strength and control aspect.

Yet if we have a man with predominantly feminine energy that is happy to let his female partner of masculine driven energy take the lead – this will work.  The strong female is bringing the correct balance of masculine energy into the mix.

Remember both guys and girls that it’s all about balance! If you’re lucky enough to have your own energy already balanced with masculine/feminine and have found a partner with the same quality then you’ve got yourself a recipe for success and longevity. This works perfectly!

So, whoever you meet whether that person is more masculine or feminine dominant , to have a healthy relationship you need to tap into the side of yourself which is the opposite to the main energy they are displaying. This will ensure that both partners ‘meet in the middle’ and all of the things needed to maintain a healthy relationship are brought to the table from both sides.

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