Saying hello to a positive financial flow

Times are hard – or so we are constantly told.

Yet how does our attitude determine our financial situation? More than you think, is what I’d say……

If you take a person that has been exposed to a childhood and upbringing of luxury, the chances are – as this person ages – they naturally draw toward them further abundance and fruition of finances. Likewise, for a person born into limited funding – it is common for them to believe that they are predisposed to always remain at a lower level of financial security and struggle.

On that basis we can assume that a lot of the time our financial situation isn’t luck of the draw but instead an indication of our level of resistance and allowance. What if one was to play around with the idea that a positive financial flow is available for everybody to tap into and the only person that stops that flow is ourselves.

I’m a strong believer in destiny and things happening for a reason/lesson but I do believe we have complete control over how we approach every situation.

When we struggle with financial issues it is common behavior to step into a negative mindset and association.   It’s natural to feel under extreme stress if we lose a job.  One can find themselves heavily in debt and be surrounded by worthlessness with no idea of how to escape the situation.  The worry of how ends will meet or food will be put on the table can bring with it an overwhelming anxiety.

In all of these scenarios it is not easy to gear ourselves toward a more positive mindset. Yet if we can begin to introduce and maintain an attitude that just like ‘air’, money is also something as free flowing and readily available to us, we begin to switch into an energy of trust and allowance. When we do this, we are readily affirming and having complete faith that no matter how extreme or difficult our circumstances, our financial needs are going to be met.

Remember that thoughts are energy particles that feed out into the universe and deliver back to us much of what we send….

It is simply about putting out to the universe that you are deserving and allowing of an abundant financial flow. By not resisting on any level (and this means that you completely trust that you will receive that which you desire) you will automatically draw toward you a positive financial energy exchange.

So next time you’re about to complain that you’re broke with no way to pay this month’s credit card bill, instead reaffirm that you’re open and receiving to a positive and abundant financial flow. If you can truly feel and believe it, you will see a considerable change in the financial energy around you.



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