• present

      I’m sat on the ledge of my swimming pool, my feet submerged in turquoise glistening water up to my ankles as pink and yellow frangipani flutter down from the sweet smelling tree above, encasing me in pretty patterns of colour. I watch the petals float in circles in the gentle current of the water as Read more >>

    • success

      Last week I came across an old diary entry, a list of aims I’d written in my early-twenties with all intent and purpose to fulfil by the time I turned thirty. And here I am – now 32! It was interesting to realize that whilst I may have partly achieved some of those aims, there Read more >>

    • Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 23.49.57

      I’m typing this from Bermuda, where the endless turquoise crystal clear waters lap against sand so fine, powdery and pink speckled that you feel like you’re in a dreamy oasis. Or a very exclusive holiday brochure. This beautiful island oasis in the Atlantic ocean has been my home for the past 11 weeks. And what Read more >>

    • listening

      I was chatting with a friend recently about using our intuition and she was nodding in agreement. ‘Yeah, yeah, I know we sometimes get a gut feeling on things…’ She considered this for a moment before looking at me curiously. ‘But do we always know what’s correct for ourselves?’ Good question huh? I’m sure we’ve Read more >>

    • financial flow

      Times are hard – or so we are constantly told. Yet how does our attitude determine our financial situation? More than you think, is what I’d say…… If you take a person that has been exposed to a childhood and upbringing of luxury, the chances are – as this person ages – they naturally draw Read more >>

    • overwhelmed

      1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …. and BREATHE …. Do not go into meltdown, do not throw a hissyfit and do not allow yourself to feel that you’re out of your depth. Just BREATHE …. Yes, it’s OK to continue staring at the wall in a paralytic state of non-action. In fact, it’s very much Read more >>

    • holiday

      So I’m sitting here on a sunny tuesday morning, waiting for my lovely friend in Bermuda to confirm my trip to visit her next month. One might argue that I not long ago returned from a long haul holiday …  One might also argue that I’m at a very delicate career point and should be Read more >>

    • feminine masculine

      If you’re a guy reading this I bet you’re already dismissing the idea of being in tune with your ‘feminine’ side, right? And women reading this…. You’re wondering if you’re perhaps too much in your masculine energy sometimes, right? Because let’s face it, as women we are used to having to display both strength in Read more >>